LH6 · Sailkatu gabea



We are the students of LH6 and in our English lesson, we started the project about “The 7 Wonders of the World“. Some years ago (in 2007), there was a contest to select the 7 wonders of the world and we are discovering new places and learning a lot of things about them. 

Next year, there will be another contest to choose new wonders all over the world. We think that the Basque Country should participate too.

We selected “The 7 natural wonders of the Basque Country” :

1-Flysch in Zumaia.
2-Kontxas harbour in Donostia.
3-Urederra’s waterfall.
4-Oma forest in the natural reserve of Urdaibai.
5-Table of the 3 kings mountain
6-AƱana’s salt valley
7-Ekain’s cave.





We also prepared a presentation with more information about these wonders: Wonders of the Basque Country (Iturzaeta students)

We hope you like it and see you soon!!!!!!!!!